Hot Water

Hot Water in Canberra

From residential homes through to office buildings, every property requires a suitable hot water system. At ActewAGL Energy Shop, our highly trained specialists can install electric hot water, gas hot water and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial properties alike. Whatever your needs entail, you can rely on us to meet and exceed them.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Our team are capable of installing electric storage tanks for properties requiring electric hot water in Canberra. Available in a number of different makes and models, the sizes of our storage tanks range from as small as 25 litres to as large as 400 litres. They also come with 7 to 10 year warranties.

Gas Hot Water Systems

There are two major options available for those looking for gas hot water: storage tanks and continuous flow systems. Storage tanks are available as an outdoor or indoor model, they feature capacities ranging from as little as 90 litres to as much as 170 litres. The Continuous Flow range has the advantage to supply the Home with an endless supply of Hot water. These are an excellent choice for anyone wanting an energy-efficient hot water solution.

Solar Hot Water Systems

ActewAGL Energy Shop supply and install a full range of solar hot water and heat pumps in Canberra. If you are looking to introduce a renewable energy source, to the home, a solar hot water system or a heat pump can significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and energy expenses.

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