Bonaire Ducted Gas Heating

One of Australia’s leading heating and cooling brands

Bonaire has been providing homes with state of the art, efficient air conditioning systems for over 60 years.

Using proven technology Bonaire create intelligent, user friendly systems that maximise energy efficiency whilst being economical to own and operate.

Ducted gas heating is a whole of home solution that allows you to heat the whole house using just one system. The heating unit is usually installed in the roof space or outside the home. The heating unit is connected to a network of ducts and outlets. The outlets are placed in your home in either the ceiling or the floor. The air from the outlets circulates throughout your home then passes through a return air grille and back through the heater to be warmed again. Your controller lets you set both the temperature and the rooms that you want to heat if you have zone motors connected.

Bonaire place enormous importance on continually improving design, engineering and manufacturing processes using premium quality materials. All Bonaire units are quality tested before they leave our factory, and are supported by a carefully selected dealer network.