Solar – Roof Mounted

edwards_lxSolar roof mounted systems are efficient, take excellent advantage of sunlight and require minimal servicing, making them a great choice when it comes to solar heating systems.
The storage cylinders for all roof mounted hot water systems are made of quality stainless steel which acts as a natural barrier to corrosion.
Depending on the brand, the outer casing of the storage tank is constructed from weatherproof colour bond steel which is often available in a range of colours.
Roof mounted storage systems come with either a 6 or 10 year cylinder and collector warranty, depending on the model you choose.
ActewAGL Energy Shop stock a variety of brands, we offer an in house quoting service, and one of our professional consultants can advise you on which brand and model will best suit your home’s needs.

Stainless steel tank
Stainless steel tank
  • Frost protection Glycol based system
  • Eligible for STC rebate
  • Available with either gas or electric booster
  • Weatherproof colorbond steel casing
  • Available in 7 colours
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