Rheem Premier Loline

Rheem Premier Loline

Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly commonplace, meaning there are now more options emerging for customers to choose from. At ActewAGL Energy Shop, we can install a Rheem Premier Loline solar water heater for your residential property. Whether you want to wash your clothes or enjoy a hot shower, a Rheem Premier Loline solar water heater will get the job done.

Product Description

Our ground mounted Rheem Premier Loline solar water heater is manufactured in Australia and specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It features an internally mounted pump and controller as well as an intuitive LED display for maximum convenience. Available with a gas or electric booster, this option may be eligible for certain government solar credit rebates.

The Benefits of Solar Water Heating

The benefits of solar water heating are numerous, including flexible installation options, minimal visual impact, and significant savings on energy expenses. In fact, our Rheem Premier Loline solar water heater can reduce your emissions by up to 80%. This not only saves you money but also reduces your impact on the environment.

Learn More Today

The Rheem Premiere Loline is a fantastic solution if you’re looking for a low maintenance and ground mounted solar water heater that will significantly reduce your energy expenses. You can learn more by calling ActewAGL on (02) 6280 0994 or contacting us online – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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